Increase Tall Crop Profitability

Growing any crop takes planning, but tree crops, especially, are a long-term investment. Whether you raise citrus, fruit, olives, coffee or nuts, you’ve devoted time and money to planning, growing, nurturing and harvesting your tall crop. So you want to earn the largest possible return on that investment.

valley rice irrigation solutions


To minimize disease and maximize growth

  • A Valley center pivot or linear applies the right amount of water exactly where you want it: over canopy, in canopy or below canopy.

If you are cost-conscious

  • The per-hectare/acre cost of irrigating with Valley pivots and linears is significantly lower than other irrigation methods, including drip, micro-spray and overhead sprinkler.
  • Plus, with remote management technology, one person can operate multiple irrigation machines, saving both time and labor costs.
  • Longer equipment lifespan compared to drip, micro-spray and overhead sprinkler irrigation.

If you have concerns about earning money until your tall crops produce

  • Pivot irrigation offers early ROI. You can plant seasonal crops (such as onions or potatoes) between the tree rows during early stages of tree growth to achieve ROI prior to production.

Optional Solutions

  • For areas with varying wind conditions, we offer medium- or low-pressure sprinklers.
  • If you have differing soil types, we offer many sprinkler and pressure regulator model options to meet your needs.
  • For areas that have corrosive water, there’s PolySpan®, polyethylene liner installed inside your span pipe, which protects against the effects of acidic, alkaline, corrosive and saline water.

Additional Benefits

Cool the canopy on hot days.

Apply fertigation through the machine.

Promote a larger root zone.

Rinse the tree canopy.

Up to 97% water efficiency.

Your Local Valley Dealer

Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!