Complete Control with Proven ICON Technology

The Valley® ICONX takes control of existing center pivot panels, no matter the pivot brand, using the panel’s circuits and delivering full Valley ICON®  touch control. Now all of your center pivots can be on one network.

valley iconx smart panel for center pivot irrigation

ICONX Benefits

  • No more damaged crops or soil compaction from driving to the pivot.
  • Time and money savings.

ICONX Features

  • Versatile: Compatible with most center pivot brands.
  • Complete control: Full ICON control functions at the center pivot.
  • Easy-to-Use: Intuitive interface
  • 5-inch, full-color touchscreen display.
  • Advanced: AgSense® comes built in and ready to use.
  • Flexible: BaseStation3™ compatible
  • Maximizes benefit: Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped.
  • Secure: Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required).

Valley Value


Allows you to bring existing control panels into new, more reliable technology.


Valley structures are engineered for long life

Customized for you by specially trained engineers in Valley, Nebraska.


Takes control of your existing center pivot panels and allows you to bring all of your center pivots onto the same network via AgSense or BaseStation3.

Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

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