Maximize Efficiency with GPS-Ready Irrigation Technology

The Valley® AutoPilot Linear control panel is the perfect choice for GPS farming. This GPS-ready irrigation technology allows your linear to automatically perform functions similar to a center pivot. The AutoPilot measures the lateral position and direction of travel of the linear, allowing functions to be easily programmed to run automatically.

valley autopilot linear control panel for linear irrigation

AutoPilot Linear Benefits

  • Easily program your field map with the custom Valley mapping tool to match changes in farm practices or field boundaries.
  • Available for use with all hose drag and earthen canals.

AutoPilot Linear Features

  • GPS-ready for GPS Position
  • Turn primary and secondary end guns on and off
  • Change speed to change application depths
  • Apply chemicals
  • Auto-reverse or auto-stop

Valley Value


The only control panel available specifically for linears.


Valley structures are engineered for long life

GPS-ready enabled for GPS Position.


Control and monitor your irrigation equipment without driving to the field.


Automatically performs functions similar to a center pivot.

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